Design Thinking Services

We help you to build an innovation strategy and capability within your organization based on developing Design Thinking principles. Our Design Thinking (DT) and Entrepreneurial Management (EM) methods have been based on years of  research and experience working with different companies. 

To be effective, an innovation strategy requires executives and mangers at the highest level to integrate diverse areas, such as technology management, research and development strategies, short-term & long-term planning, stakeholder & shareholder management, sustainability, corporate culture, values & ethics, globalization, market trends and human resource management. This requires the entire team to leverage the accumulated knowledge and skills, from marketing, finance, accounting, macro and microeconomics, statistics, operations, quantitative and qualitative methods, management and organizational behavior, and build on those core expertise and knowledge to deliver effective change and adopt an innovative culture throughout the organization.  None of these can happen without creating a culture of DT and the capability to manage via EM methods with your firm.  . 

Our experienced and knowledgeable teams have years of experience working in a variety of industries, along with an extensive academic background that gives them the insight and understanding to help you build DT and EM capabilities in your organization.  In addition, innovation strategy should be tailored to each unique situation, based on the resources and capabilities of the organization, because what works for one company will not necessarily work for another, even in the same industry. Our team helps you to create an innovation strategy that works for you!

To enable your firm to manage innovation strategically and effectively, we provide 8 hours innovation management workshop.  The corporate cost for this course is $500 per person and up to 30 people can enroll.

Innovation , Entrepreneurship, Workshop , Entrepreneurial Management , Design Thinking

Innovation , Entrepreneurship, Workshop , Entrepreneurial Management , Design Thinking