Leader Character Services

Our Leadership Character workshops and coaching sessions are designed to support today’s leaders by helping them to respond to current pressures and demands and lead their corporations toward sustained excellence. This series of workshops was developed by leading leadership scholars, using extensive and up-to-date research involving over 2,500 global business leaders.

The participants in our workshops will receive a certificate of completion  at the end of the training:

  1. Junior Level ( Required to participate in 8 hours  leadership training course ) ( Corporate price: $500 per person - between 10 - 20 participants )
  2. Senior Level ( Required to participate in 12 hours leadership training course,  including 2 hours of one on one coaching ) ( Corporate price:  $1,000 per person - between 5 - 15 participants )
  3. Master Level (Required to participate in  16 hours leadership training course, including 4 hours of one on one coaching) ( Corporate Price: $5,000)- between 2- 5 participants) 

We are proud of the success we have had, and our workshop has garnered international acclaim in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. This has included the financial sector, aerospace and defense, regulatory bodies, healthcare, energy industry and competitive sports. Our approach has benefited a wide range of professionals across all industry sectors.

This workshop was recently presented to bank CEOs and C-suite executives in the UK. Since 2008, the financial services industry has amassed over $300 billion in fines. In addition, regulatory bodies have offered up inadequate remedies for reducing misconduct risks across the sector, so in response to this challenging situation, our workshop shifted the focus away from bad ethics, to understand how weaknesses in character could undermine leaders’ quality of judgment and decision making.

That is just one example of our unique approach, with each workshop being tailored to the specific business context under discussion, using a character framework (see the Figure below) backed by scientific evidence. This approach has proven successful across many organizations and market sectors, delivering tangible results and improved outcomes., 

Our workshops employ learner-centered teaching methods for a diverse range of participants along with a self-assessment tool, that are designed to provide a dynamic and engaging workshop.

You can read more about the leader character here.

Graduates of our leadership training course

Graduates of our leadership training course