Western Academy of Management 2020 - Hawaii, USA

Dr. Amir Bahman Radnejad, Preseidnet -1388 consulting, will be speaking at Western Academy of Management 2020. If you are in Hawaii, you can attend the talk and learn about how firms can respond to disruptive innovation. You can purchase your ticket at:  

Past Events


Leadership Management Workshop, Hosted by a private firm, April 11th 2019

 Dr. Radnejad and Dr. Nguyen will provide a training session for managers of one of the largest personal loan companies in Canada. During the session, participants will learn about the newest management tools and techniques. The session is not open to public. 

The battle of disruption: How to respond to Disruptive Innovation? Hosted by SCN, March 21st 2019

In today`s hypercompetitive business world, established firms are facing disruptive innovations initiated by newcomers resulting in dramatic market shifts. Lack of ability to design an appropriate strategy  to respond to these disruptive innovations led top Fortune firms (e.g., Kodak, Xerox, Blockbuster, Nokia, and many others) to file bankruptcy with many of them to close their doors forever. Thus, one of the biggest challenge for leaders of incumbent firms is how to respond to such innovations.

Entrepreneurial Management (EM) Workshop, Hosted by PTAC, March 19th 2019

 Petroleum Technology alliance of Canada (PTAC) invites your organization to participate in the upcoming   Entrepreneurial Management  (EM) workshops designed for managers and executives to help them lead their organization towards sustainable growth.  This experiential workshop covers in-depth EM concepts, including: 

  • Disciplined and systematic opportunity identification 
  • Generating creative solutions
  • Business modelling 
  • Preparing and validating business case
  • Effective execution organization. 

The workshop organization includes a combination of discussion of practical entrepreneurial management tools and concepts with hands-on participant experience on applying these to real-world cases. 

University Technology Transfer & Commercialization, Hosted by SUNY-Brockport, March 9th 2019

 State University of New York at Brockport is organizing a one-day conference on “University Technology Transfer & Commercialization”. The conference is designed to contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge on transferring and commercializing university technology to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in SUNY and other college campuses in the region. Dr. Radnejad, CEO 1388 consulting, leads an entrepreneurial development activity during the workshop. 


Conversation on Leader Character, Hosted by Strategic Capability Network, December 5th 2018


 For far too long the conversations around leadership have been competency based whereas character has taken a back seat. Oftentimes, when things goes wrong in an organization (think, 2008 financial crisis) it is rarely an issue of competency but rather a deficiency in character. While competencies are important, character is critical to elevate competence in achieving sustained excellence. 

Dr. Brenda Nguyen, Leadership Coach at 1388 Consulting, sheds light on the mystery of leader character; what is it, why is it important, can we measure it, how can we develop it? 

Rochester Young Professionals: 8th Annual Expo, November 15th 2018


1388 Consulting LLC will attend RYP: 8th Annual Entrepreneur's Expo. It is happening Nov. 15 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at NextCorps in the Sibley Building. Please come and check our table. 

Talk on "Barriers to radical process innovation", Hosted by Academy of Management, Aug 13th, 2018

 We are going to provide a talk in a session titled "Organizational Innovation: Innovation Types and Organizational Outcomes" during the 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management .

Leader Character Workshop for Canadian Oil and Gas Industry, Hosted by PTAC, June 19th 2018


Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) invites your organization to participate in the upcoming Leader Character Workshop, being hosted in Calgary, AB on June 19, 2018. 

The event has been designed for Professional Engineers, Managers and Senior Mangers in Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. The event supported by Ivey School of Business, Lethbridge University and PTAC.

What is Leader Character?, Hosted byMusculoskeletal Health Research , May 9th 2018

  The event is a Young Investigator Forum for musculoskeletal health research trainees. The group will consist of Masters students, PhD students, Postdocs, and Clinical Residents from a variety of research backgrounds (Engineering, Basic Science, Health Science, Medical Imaging etc.). Our speaker, Dr. Nguyen, introduces the concept of leader character during one hour workshop. The event is not open for public admission.   

Leadership Workshop, Hosted by City of Brampton, May 1st 2018

 City of Brampton has sponsored the leadership workshop for its mangers, directors and leaders. The event is not open for public admission.