Why us and Why 1388?


Why Us?

 At 1388 consulting LLC, we believe that your business can only survive and  grow in the current hyper-competitive business environment if you can build two major capabilities within your firm`s culture:

o  Lead Based on Character 

o Innovate Based on Design Thinking Methods

The good is news that we can help you to build these capabilities in your company and we have prove for that. During last years,  We have been successfully providing wide range of services including  leader character workshops, leader character  coaching sessions,  design thinking workshops and design thinking consulting  around the globe to help businesses  understand the role of character and design thinking in their day to day operations. 

Lets work together to make your company

lead, innovate and grow


Why 1388?


1388 consulting was founded based on the belief that “luck” plays an important role in making a venture or person successful. However, at the same time, we believe successful people/ventures build their “own luck”!


To illustrate this belief, we have chosen the number 1388 as the name of our company. 13 is considered an unlucky number in many cultures and 88 is considered a lucky one. By putting these two symbolic numbers beside each other, we symbolize our philosophy that being “Lucky” or “unlucky” coexist, and it is only you and your strategy that make you a lucky person or unlucky.